Ava Find 1.5.218

Ava Find helps you find difficult to access files on your computer, you'll be able to recover what you thought was lost.

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    Windows 2000 / Windows XP

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    6.6 (57)

Ava Search is an alternative to Google Search and does a fine job competing.

We all know about Google Desktop Search. It helps you locate important files and images on your computer. That's great. Sometimes people want something a little different, though, and that's where Ava Search comes in. This neat search engine will scour your desktop for important documents, videos, and files so that you can easily locate anything you need in a matter of seconds. You can browse or search.

Results are delivered in the "instant" fashion we've all come to expect from our search engines. If you type in a few letters, you're apt to see your results right there from a drop-down list of items. It's very good at discovering which results are the most relevant to you. While Google search is supreme on the web, there has always been a few glitches with their desktop search. Ava does a good job of capitalizing on these weaknesses and making itself a relevant local search in its own right.

However, major problems exist in its ethical practices. While there is a great deal of accuracy in their results, the program significantly slows down a typical computer, causing difficulty while browsing. Searches also can't be stopped once they start. This is alarming to some users. The power to stop the search would be a comforting change. After 30 days it was impossible to delete any of their results, something that most users won't appreciate.

If you're willing to put up with these problems, it's a great and quick search. It took only a minute to scan 20-GB of hard drive.


  • Very fast search results
  • Search results are extremely accurate


  • Can't stop a search once it starts
  • Takes up an enormous amount of computing power

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